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History of Fort Ord


Welcome to Ford Ord, a historic landmark with a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1941. 


Originally built as an equestrian complex on the Fort Ord Army Base, its primary purpose was to support the horses and mules utilized during World War II. With the belief that equines would play a vital role in military operations, the cavalry honed their skills in field artillery, supply packing, and veterinary care right on this site.


As the prominence of jeeps and vehicles grew, the need for cavalry decreased, leading to the conversion of the station to other purposes in 1942. Situated adjacent to BLM land, which is accessible to the public, this location also serves as the resting place of Comanche, one of the generals' esteemed horses.


Designated as a historical landmark, Ford Ord Veterinary Hospital stands as the last intact veterinary hospital from its era in the United States. Now under the ownership of the city of Marina and managed by Chaparral Ranch, it continues to welcome visitors for a range of equestrian activities. From lessons and trail rides to events, field trips, little ranchers' programs, birthday parties, and pony rides, there's something here for every horse enthusiast to enjoy.


Come and explore the legacy of Ford Ord Veterinary Hospital, where history meets modern-day equestrian adventures.

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